Here we are at that moment in time that we didn’t think would come.  The place we didn’t think would ever arrive has, and here we are.We are lucky, us, because we know what we want.

When I left you that day at the airport, when we parted for what felt like and feels like time without end, my body reacted in ways that I have become used to.  These feelings, low in the bottom of your stomach that prevents you from eating, from feeling hunger.  Your mind, clouded with thoughts, so pure, so real that they bring tears to your eyes.  Sitting on the plane, flying, cruising above the clouds, not a soul in sight, so quiet, so peaceful, so easy, my imagination ran wild — rampant with thoughts of you.

My body longs for yours.  My mind, in a complete state of what feels like hibernation, is anxious to have it’s muse back.

You, the muse of the my life.

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