Hi, I’m Jesse.

Writer — Editor — Social Anthropologist
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I write short stories, journalism, scripts and articles with a wide appeal. I also work with clients on editing & copywriting projects. Trained in social anthropology, I am an expert in understanding people, culture and trends.

I take 35mm photos that I share on Instagram. I call my feed 35mm Stories: a collection of my film images paired with short personal essays or snippets of fictional scenes.



I have written articles and essays for popular media such as The Atlantic, Monocle, The Guardian, The Art of Eating, Bon Appetit, and Roads & Kingdoms to name a few.

Here you can find a complete list of my articles.

Academic Work

I studied for my PhD in social anthropology at the University of Sydney, where I focused on anthropology of work and food. My research is ethnographic and community-engaged. Through my experience, I’ve become an expert in people, culture and trends.

I’ve done fieldwork in London, San Francisco, rural Australia, Italy and upstate Vermont. I’ve been on farms, inside corporate offices, homes, universities and public spaces. I use qualitative methods and have a special interest in incorporating photography, audio/video recordings and storytelling into my work.

I regularly speak at conferences and share my findings in creative ways, including through photography and publications. Please get in touch to see samples of my academic work.


This is a selection of some favorite 35mm photos.


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