Saro Sola?

Quando avro alzato in me l’intimo fuoco Che originava gia queste bufere E saro salda, libera, vitale, Allora saro sola?   E forse stacchero dale radici La rimossa speranza dell’amore, Ricordero che frutto d’ogni Limite umano e assenza di memoria, Tutta mi affondero nel divenire…   Ma fino a che io tremo del principio Cui …


I'm lost here without you,Sleeping in a bed that feels cold, Empty.  My mind still thinks your there, and I grab for your body without thinking. Waiting, is the only thing I can focus on. Soon.  My heart is still beating so passionately, intensely, distraught by the separation.  If even brief.

WanderingHere, through life. Sometimes it feels like a big puzzle. Piece by piece, I put it together. Lately, The most important piece, The hinge, The part that all other attach Has been located. This is good news friends. Good news indeed. Because she is the final piece to the puzzle.