Academic Work

I am a Ph.D. candidate in social anthropology at the University of Sydney, where I study the culture of free food at work and concepts of corporate wellness and well-being with a special focus on the tech industry. A cultural and social anthropologist and photographer, my research is ethnographic and community-engaged. Much of my time is spent writing, thinking and reading about the tech industry, employee benefits and wellness, labor dynamics and of course, food.

I regularly speak at conferences and share my findings in academic papers. Please get in touch to see samples of my academic work.


In addition to scholarly publications, I have written articles and essays on matters of food, culture and society for popular media such as The Atlantic, Monocle, The Guardian, The Art of Eating and Bon Appetit to name a few.

Here you can find a complete list of my articles.


This is a selection of some favorite 35mm photos.