Mrs. Rice

Somewhere in the countryside of Italy, a woman stands watch over her rice, her husband and her strong personality.She will not be let down.
She is strong in the face of immense heat and humidity.
She is a cooker of rice salad and will not be told that basmati is superior to arborio.
Stand back.
Watch Out.


Maria Nava

Moon over Portugal

Does moonlight always look so good?  Or is it just the Portuguese mood that gives it added abilities to inspire?We all look better in the moonlight.  We all feel like the world is at our feet.  The moon rises, shins, and sometimes, lingers throughout the day to give us just a little bit more of the night.

Here, there pink hue of the moon, casting its rays over the old buildings full of people going to bed, having dinner, arguing, laughing, drinking, bathing, viewing, listening, reading, thinking and going about their business.

Moonlight Portugal