Summertime, and the tomatoes are ripe and delicious.
Honestly, who doesn’t like these. With a little salt, basil, cracked black pepper and a nice buffalo mozzarella to go on the side — add a drizzle of olive oil and some fresh baked bread (like Val just baked for us here) and you have my dinner for the next month.

This old guy was selling the on the side of the bike path — we had to stop. Only €6 for an entire box of fresh, garden grown, tomatoes.

Summer Tomato Time

In the midst of the shadow of summer, looming over our heads, about to come, but not quite here yet.The moon, so low some evenings in the horizon, looks at us with its big eye.
And the tomatoes come in, slowly at first, but then, with all of the vengeance and might of a strong warrior
ready to fight.

And this, the lonely tomato, stands at the forefront of the memories, and expectations of a summers day.


Tomato Salad