Saro Sola?

Quando avro alzato in me l’intimo fuoco

Che originava gia queste bufere

E saro salda, libera, vitale,

Allora saro sola?


E forse stacchero dale radici

La rimossa speranza dell’amore,

Ricordero che frutto d’ogni

Limite umano e assenza di memoria,

Tutta mi affondero nel divenire…


Ma fino a che io tremo del principio

Cui la tua mano mi inizio da ieri,

Ogni attributo vivo che mi preme

Giace incomposto nelle tue misure.

Alda Merini

Tidal Wave

Drifting into each other, we made our way home.We found each other so easily,
You and me,
Me and you,
Together then, that night
That morning when I saw you standing
By the window, peering out
Hoping for some sun, for some
Warmth on your bare skin
But instead, grey skies,
and warmth back in bed,
We lie there, hoping that the
Day doesn’t have to start,
That we don’t really have to
Get up, don’t have to make
Coffee or eat breakfast at 11,
We were ready to stay,
For as long as we could,
In the sheets and blankets,
Next to each other, waiting for
Whatever comes next.

That night, that night that
could have went on