Thoughts of the Past

I’ve been going through a lot of things from the past, bits and pieces, thoughts, memories and recollections.  Notes written, surprisingly, on a lot of napkins from various cafes and restaurants, or on ones found in my pocket.  I’ve been really, very lucky in my life and the experiences I’ve had in far off places.  I used to take much more pictures on film, and since I’ve got a new digital camera, those have fallen to the wayside.  But I’m rediscovering a huge backlog of photographs of old work that I’m working on scanning and uploading.  Mostly from overseas destinations — Mexico in particular is a place that not only hold my attention, but the amount of beautiful food, places and people — well I had just forgot until I went through some old pictures from a couple of trips there several years ago.
Otherwise, Africa.  Mozambique and South Africa was a study trip for 6 months in 2003.  Collecting as many thoughts as I could there, I saved a lot of nice little pieces of that place, specifically Beira.  So after thinking about them a bit more, I’ll upload a few of those because they are, if nothing else, a small snapshot of a places that was held in time for awhile.  At the moment, I’m sure that many changes have come in the past 9 years, good and bad.  I’m very glad to have these bits and pieces of my time there that I can still look at and remember.