I realized recently that, we really have very little time left.  So, making the most of this, making each day count, each moment a realization of something bigger, something greater is all that matters now.
Evenings….these cold fall evenings when the moon shines through the dark air, this is our time.  Our time to talk, think and to know.   

More than ever, we now need to think of love as ennobling resistance to what already is, modeling the idea that difficult things are worth the effort. Love may be the last sanctuary for the idea that struggle can be rewarding.
-r. horning

But isn’t it always worth it in the end?  So many times, the struggle that comes with the pursuit of love, is the purist form of love there is.  Within struggle, is sacrifice — sometimes sleep, food or mental ability.  Because it is in the struggle that we tend to find our selves waiting there for us, I mean, sometimes you begin something and 1/2 way through it, you realize that it’s exactly what your meant to be doing and that it is leading you to these larger and better things.