A Starting Point

What are you eating now?  A lot of people I think eat while they are on the internet — at least I know I do.  Or at least I drink something.  Can we now equate coffee with the internet?  Probably, I don’t think it is far off.  How many times a day do you have a coffee on your a.) desk or b.) in your hand when your “surfing” the net?  Me, a lot.  More so in winter.
I get really tired sometimes of thinking about what I’m eating.  Sure, I studied food, gastronomy and the like, but sometimes, my mind wanders and my thoughts are not “was this chicken raised in a humane way” but instead “is this the best chicken I can be eating now, given the circumstances I’m in?”  If the answer is yes, then fine.  If no, then there are some follow up questions.  Maybe the best tasting food is organic, or maybe not.  Maybe it is local, maybe not.  Food miles, organic, sustainable, local, local-vore (even more annoying of a term) and many many other words divide us, not just into a class, but into a system, a cultural system that is now, because of the so called “food revolution” of the USA, and many parts of the EU, etc. we can now have these things weighing on our minds, night and day.

On top of all of this talk about where your food comes from, and how it is made/prepared/grown/raised are things like the top 10 hot new restaurants in (insert place).  Who gives a shit? What does it matter if you don’t know what the top 10 hottest places are according to someone that is sitting in an office somewhere writing that piece (I bet with a coffee in hand or on their desk…ha).

This, for me, is the beginning of what will, or hopefully will, become a series of thoughts and essays on eating.  On the pure act of eating things, and drinking things and consuming things into my body, your body, our bodies, everyone’s bodies.  We all eat — we all have preferences — we all have our own things to worry about.  I’m not biased.  Eat whatever the hell you want to eat — for me, I will continue to eat the best tasting tomato, chocolate, chicken, coffee, wine, beer, pizza, cheese and such that I can find/afford and manage given whatever circumstance I find myself in.  I will try my hardest to not put myself into circumstances that, for example, require me to eat at the Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Applebees, TGI Friday’s or order pizza from a host of terrible pizza places — consume McDonald’s (although I might have some fries given enough alcohol), Burger Kind, Taco Hell.  These, for my body, my soul, my personal well-being are 99% of the time, off limits.

So, what are you doing with your eating habits?  I’m really really interested to hear.  Tell me.


Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)

Nate Frizzell

We would try to make sense of a city that had taken us under its wing only to tell us that it was unable to fly.  Los Angeles, I don’t want to fall in love with you, but it is so easy to get caught up in its web of excitement and the all American dream.  We searched for inspiration in a place that breeds ideas like rabbits.  You have to realize that ideas are subject to approval.  I’m so amazed at what people will approve of, what horrible and insane ideas the public are willing to accept and spend money on.  It was a testament to the people of consumer societies.  People will pay to be entertained, that is the bottom line.  That is what Hollywood is about.  That is what we learned.  Hollywood, above all things, is a business.  It just wants to make a buck any way it can.  Our lives in Los Angeles felt like they were part of a film.  We felt like we were constantly on a movie set.  We felt real and yet so amazingly fake.  I think that means we got it


I’ve felt very connected to people in new ways over the past month or so.  I think I’ve gotten to know myself a bit better.  But new connections are always a little bit like getting into a hot bath.  At first, it is startling, but as you sink into it, it gets better and better.  That’s how things have been progressing.  Slow at first, but amazingly wonderful as it has moved along.  It is a great feeling to really be able to understand—to have a connection that seems to transcend normal understanding.  To not only learn about your relationships, but yourself in return, because of those people, this person.

I fall into these autumn feelings of desperation and despair, and who wouldn’t with the weather the way it is here in the northern part of the planet.  It  gets under you skin and somehow gives us the ability to become drastically introspective in thought.  This rarely is beneficial — unless you are a romantic and your thought processes, your writing, your ability to function on a daily basis is somehow related to the melancholy mood of the fall air, the cloudy day, the simple moon at night.

Then, I think of people, of these amazing people that I know.  I think of individuals that not only move me out of this feeling, but into a warm glow of autumn sun, somehow coming from within them.

Sometimes desperation is the only thing that gives me hope for something better.