In the midst of the shadow of summer, looming over our heads, about to come, but not quite here yet.The moon, so low some evenings in the horizon, looks at us with its big eye.
And the tomatoes come in, slowly at first, but then, with all of the vengeance and might of a strong warrior
ready to fight.

And this, the lonely tomato, stands at the forefront of the memories, and expectations of a summers day.


Tomato Salad


That night, in bed, tired from conversation and the trip across town, laying next to each other, neither able to properly fall asleep, hypnotic conversation about their lives, about each other.  Craving this, they both thought only of the other.  Then, slowly, as the bed started to warm up from their bodies, they slowly drifted off to the white noise of the clock both looking forward to the morning, to the dawn of the next day, because they both knew that when they woke, the other would be there, still warm, still next to them, and that was the most comforting feeling in the entire world.