Green Thumb

Here in London we have a small space for growing plants.  Without a balcony or garden, we are relegated to our living/dining room/kitchen.  I wanted tomatoes, basil and peppers, tastes of summer.  I thought I could manage to grow them here because we get a lot of sun since the windows face south east, which helps and my thought was to grow them from seeds.
Perhaps I started out a bit late in the season, but the beginning of April it still felt cold.  But I plated them in small plastic water cups and old yogurt containers. V can attest to the amount of attention I gave to these small seedlings. To my amazement they all sprouted and turned into large, healthy plants.  Even if they are in pots, not in the ground, and if they produce far less fruit because of that, I still feel a sense of accomplishment in seeing the few tomatoes start to turn red, the two peppers growing long and green as well as enjoying the bite of fresh basil.

It’s a way to see into the future, I thought, and know that when we have space, land, soil, earth near our house we will be able to produce enough for ourselves and neighbors.

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