Delinquent Writer

I’ve been delinquent in my writings on here lately.It’s because i’ve been in thought, thinking, getting a bit angry, thinking some more and trying to realize how things plan out in my head, considering how those thoughts sound on paper, in word form, and realizing that they sound terrible.  Well, sometimes you have to speak your mind — and my mind is full.  I feel like things are churning, like I told V last night, it is like a big ball of mashed potatoes.

One of the thoughts I’ve had lately, revolving around ideas of capitalism, society, money, success, failure, and the lives that we lead.  This thought is that the older I get, the more socialist I become.  Maybe it’s the time in Europe, maybe it is the complete disregard for hype but I am becoming a true socialist.

This, combined with artisan food (stay with me here) has created a huge amount of ideas and streams of thought that are currently resting in my head, in my notebook and waiting to be released when I’m not feel so angry about these things.  Here is a small part of what I’ve been thinking lately:

Artisan products, especially food, are the result of local knowledge being transmitted to a new generation by the product itself as well as the process.  Authentic is an oxymoron, it’s authentic because it is true to history, place, producer and from extension, culture.

Modern ideas of sustainability, local, etc. are by products of a free market that encourages over-consumption. A return to the true price of a product, seasonality, and value in tradition are necessary to restore artisan products to a more valid form for our now-day society.

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