Sul treno da Milano

Milan, Italy – train station on my way home.  V is there waiting in anticipation.  After flying so far, I never know if I’m hungry or not.  Today, yes.  I feel pretty hungry.  She might have some good lunch for us.
We are beyond this world.  This realm of living.  We exist on a higher plane, one for which, we should be grateful for.  We exist in this higher plane, not just because we were destined for it, because we were pushing ourselves toward it, but because we want to give others pleasure via our skills, our talents.

Our life is on track for greatness and with greatness comes fun and very little responsibility.  Screw the responsibility, we are our own people, we, together, move ideas, words, images to points never explored.  Our abilities give us passion for life – this passion, while inherit within us, is moved forwards, curated by our love, our creativity, and need to experience the world in it’s truest and fullest fashion.

For what is passion or love if you can’t channel it to the world – use it for not just our life but the lives of others as well.  Sharing our voices.

You and I V are a moveable feast of love and power.  We are becoming more and more ourselves – in control of our path.  Still, surprises come and go, but with each other, these become easier to manage.

I am here on this earth, as a lover of you, woman of my inner thoughts, my subconscious, my mind, my passing thought.

When I’m away, I am no longer myself.  Only in the company of my lover am I a complete person.

Yesterday, I was only ½ of me.  Today, in an instant I’m back.  My body, mind, soul is assembled by our bodies together.

We’re bigger than this world.

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