Coffee Conundrum

To continues a series of coffee related posts, I recently found out that these are being offered in New York.I don’t complain about coffee in Italy too much, to be honest, its probably the second best place to get a daily cuppa besides Sydney, but sometimes I see these ideas and think “why can’t this happen here”? And I have no good answer.  I’m not about to start selling frappuccinos (in my mind, not actually coffee) ideas in a country loyal to the all mighty espresso, because that would really not solve and problems, but also contribute to the large amount of plastic already being used in coffee consumption in the U.S.

I’ve also come across this article about Stumptown offering bottled iced coffee.  Not just any bottle, but one that looks like a beer bottle.  A novel way to get people to use things that you can recycle I suppose, and as mentioned in the article, it is nice to not have to drink from a straw in a plastic cup, which always makes me feel 10 years old, so I disregard the straw.

Recently, in France, I was completely disappointed with the state of Illy Caffe at the train station in Marseille.  Long and watery, and 1.60Euro at that.  I had high hopes, but apparently, the Illy master baristas haven’t made it to the train station in Marseille yet.

I’ll choose to have my coffee outside, on a patio, in a growler, bottle or just in my own cup.

Outside Sitting



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