New Amsterdam

When life gives you chocolate, you should eat it.
Mast Brothers Chocoalte

I regret that I did not get a chance to try their bars that seemed to be available in every hipster food joint around town, at the New Amsterdam Market as well as at Sumptown Coffee, the mecca of Hipsterdom, but one that makes a hell of a latte.

We moved to the market, via two different subway lines.  Those are where the person who invented anti-bacteria hand sanitizer came up with the idea.  Even so, it is the best, most efficient way to go about town.  We arrived, got lost, and then, after finding what seemed to be a tourist trap, found this up and coming market.

Marlow & Sons

They were selling coffee too, but not Stumptown, although i’m sure, just as good and/or hipster.
New Amsterdam Market Coffee

We tasted, sampled and tried about everything we could, minus the Kombucha, which we still have no idea what it is, or why people go crazy for it.

Kombucha Brooklyn

And then, our market adventure came to an end.
More about New York soon enough.

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    1. Cheers! Thanks for your comment!New York is great, but the coffee in Sydney is way better!

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