Ode to Mérida

Falling into these small towns and petite cities that lay on the charm in their own unique Spanish way gave me the impression that I was being wooed by a beautiful woman, who might have some intentions that I didn’t know about.

Mérida I’m falling for you.

Mérida was a place I had never thought of going to — it didn’t even register on my radar.  But the bright sunny day we spent there, with a warm evening out eating and drinking, gave me the impression that, yes, I could stay here for awhile.

Mérida, the sly and seductive one.

Each place, with its own personal feeling that it expels.  Spain gave off an aura of indifference.  Because it knows how good it is.  It knows how amazing its food can be.  It knows that people come there for their holidays, but leave with life changing experiences.

Spain knows.  Mérida knows. 


Guadiana River, Merida

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