As the morning breaks, the sun rises in the east, moving slowly to the west, and we begin our travels.  The city is calling us, the city that lives when others lie dormant during this cold and unattractive time of year.  This city stays, an eternal will to survive, it will not give up.  Those that are here know something that others do not.  They know that here, now, this is the most difficult it will ever be.  The cold, the wind, the fog are all part of the struggle for survival here.  Our journey is taking us there, to see its side streets, its small alleys, its air of mystery, romance, intrigue — its ability to cause us to think things, thoughts that we shouldn’t, but can’t resist.  Each piece of the puzzle is hidden somewhere — each time I am there, in this city, I never quite know what I’m looking for. It alludes me.But this time, there is no telling what I will find. 

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