After breakfast, nothing really happened.  But, it was one of those mornings that promotes a lot of thinking, and as such, he was thinking about them.  If this continues, he wondered…  He is often times so fatalistic, and he hates it, these ideas and questions.  But so many times it turns out so much better than expected.  A long time ago, he realized that by having no expectations, he was rarely let down.  She let me into her life, and thus far, it has been nothing but complete inspiration, love and an overwhelming feeling of romanticism.  He didn’t think this would end, and he knew it from the beginning.She was ready to go out, but she knew that he wanted to stay in for the day, even though the weather was so nice – but she also knew that she could convince him to go for a walk later.  She loved those walks around the park, just them, no dogs, no people around, so late in the evening.  Arm in arm, talking frankly about whatever popped into their minds — each and every thing, nothing to hold back.  It was neutral ground really — a place to discuss and think, but together, not on their own.
The only thing is that so many times, those walks ended with a feeling of, well, nothing really.  She so often wished for more, but didn’t know what to say.  Going home, it always seemed that the computer beckoned them.  He wanted to read, but not a screen, instead a page of a book — a piece of literature.  The end of the newspaper magazine was always looming on the bedside table, waiting for him to finish the crossword puzzle — he did them, but secretly, hated it, they always made him feel inferior for not knowing more words, more definitions.
Later that night, she snuck into bed, next to him, he was half asleep, but knew when she arrived — he could still smell the lingering scent of toothpaste and soap.  Smells are import for him, he thought about the time he first realized her scent, when he could recognize it, remember it, think about it as an actual thing.  It made him excited.  She made him excited, and ever more, it was just a look or a touch of her hand against his leg.  She knew this — and did it on purpose…even though he knew exactly the spots on her body she loved touched.  It was becoming too easy these days, these lazy days spent at home, doing nothing of consequence, but they meant so very much to him.  Late that night, while trying to fall back asleep, he realized that it was these types of things, experiences, thoughts, and daily activities that people miss the most when they aren’t there.  He hates routines, but these, they are different — the function outside of routine.  They are feelings, emotions, relationships to each other on a level that is beyond love, beyond compassion — so far beyond these that they transcend their lives, which have become so easily entwined.  He realized, at that moment in time, lying there in bed with her, that there is no other place in the world he wanted to be.  He also realized that his love for her had grown to a point of no return.

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  1. where did you get this text from? because i love it, and if it’s from a book i would like to know the name please.thank you!

    1. Hey Carmen,
      Not from any book, just from my own head.
      Thanks for your comment – I hope to continue along the same idea, expanding it a bit.

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