Beer Tasting

This week, we had 2 sessions of Beer tasting in class.  We tried 20 beers from various countries.  Just thought I’d put some of them up here in case you happen to be bored with your current beverage choices.
The first 7 or so are the more alcoholc ones, the last 9 are the least alcoholic.

Young’s Bitter – UK

Flying Dog Snake, Dog IPA – USA

Brookyln Brewery East India Pale Ale – USA

Orval – Belgium

Kwak – Belgium (8% Alcohol)

Meantime Coffee Porter – UK

Flying Dog Horn Dog Barley Wine – USA (10.2% alcohol)

Rochefort 10 – Belgium (11.3% alcohol, and also one of the best ones we tried)

Augustiner Edelstoff – Germany

Fruh Kolsch – Germany

Rothaus Pils – Germany

Tipopils – Italy (I would be very very surprised to find this one outside of Italy/Europe)

Duvel – Belgium

Rauchbier Marzen – Germany (If you like smoky smells/flavours, this one is for you!)

Aynger Brau Weiss – Germany

Troublette – Belgium

Cantillon Lou Pepe Gueze 2007 – Belgium

If you happen to find these and try them, let me know! It would be great to hear your thoughts on the taste of them and the aroma.

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