SF Clip

This clip is from part of the Slow Food Manifesto.  Since Slow Food is the group that started and facilitates the university I’m attending here.  I particularly like this clip because it seems to sum up not only what the group is about, but also the more idealistic mind-set that permenates throughout the political climate that we find ourselves in (i.e. the University).
“In order to fight against the universal manner of the Fast Life we need to make a concerted effort to defend the pleasure of slowness. We are against those who con- fuse efficiency with speed. Our movement is in favour of sensual pleasure to be practised and enjoyed slowly. Through Slow Food, which is against the homogenizing effects of fast foods, we are rediscovering the rich variety of tastes and smells of local cuisine. And it is here, in developing an appreciation for these tastes, that we will be able to rediscover the meaning of culture, which will grow through the international exchange of stories, knowledge and other projects.

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