200 Words

Never expecting much from airline food, I’ve become accustomed to bringing a peanut-butter sandwich to get me through the flights, especially the long ones.  I don’t know what it is about the food in coach; how it represents all that is bad in the world.  Sometimes though, as I sit there, watching my personal TV screen, drinking my diet Coke, staring out the window at the world passing below me, I realize that the food is part of the experience.  Access to first class food in coach would dramatically skew the entire journey, and would also leave us feeling quite confused.  The class system is still and establish notion in the travel industry, and it is the few that are moving more towards the socialist model, giving us either nothing or everything.  I ate my peanut-butter sandwich, skipped the pasta dish, and watched re-runs of Friends while we cruised at 39,000 feet, floating, like you do, above the clouds.

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