Little Blue Book

It’s only been a week now, but it feels like an eternity.  My little blue book, my life, my favorite piece of foreign souvenier is gone.  I’m of course talking about my passport.
I could hardly believe that it had been 10 years since I got this one.  My picture, sure, had changed a bit.  It has been on my mind since I put it in the mail to send off to some non-discript office in Philidelphia for them to sort through, question the stamps from places like Swazliand, Korea, Japan, and Dubai and say “hey, this guy gets around”.  I miss it — its like not having one of your ears.

So now I understand how it feels to not have the option to flee at a moments notice.  I understand the feeling those criminals have when they have to surrender their passport — whats more is that I suddenly feel trapped, without an exit.

Oh the power a little blue book has over me.

0 thoughts on “Little Blue Book

  1. I just got my new passport in the mail. I scanned all of my stamps before I sent it in so that I could “hold on” to that bit. It felt bad to let it leave my possession though. My new one is extra-thick though! That’s exciting.

  2. They actually send your old one back too. I got mine the next day actually. A good idea is to scan your passport and email it to yourself incase you loose it — helpful! Did you just request extra pages from teh start?

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