Back at It

I’m headed out again, in about a week starting in Venice. My first time to visit the lovely city and will then pop past Trieste, just about the end of Italy, and quite close to Slovenia and Croatia. My pal Rocco lives there, and we have some old times from Sydney to relive. From there my friend Matt and I will somehow make our way to Budapest, where we hope to live on the cheap, eating some of the lovely classics, sampling the (what we’ve heard) lovely Hungarian wine and just enjoying the eastern part of Europe. Then a cheap flight over to Paris for the last part of our little summer European quest for adventure and from there back to the US to regroup before heading back to start school.

I’m looking forward to sampling some amazing food, drink and people and will be sure to chronicle some of the antics and stories back on here when I return, unless Paris takes over my soul and, well then, you know.

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