faith and the state of unicorns.

It’s hard to prove that a unicorn doesn’t exist, especially hard to prove that God doesn’t exist, because God just by definition is outside of space and time.

does this not sum up so many of the thoughts that i’ve been having the past few months? it does indeed, and i can’t help but think that if there were other people in the world that would just think about this statement, they would understand so many of the isssues that are fucking things up. take care my friends with your faith. space and time are not areas that are easily explored.

0 thoughts on “faith and the state of unicorns.

  1. Oh how I love you Jesse. You always have such a way with words that causes me to reflect on the bigger picture of life and God and different perspectives. 🙂 Eric and I were talking about you today– feeling rather jerkish that we haven’t called. Hope to talk to you soon. Love from that “don’t ya kn-OOO-ws”,Cass and the E

  2. That is a statement that definitely could be quoted. So does this mean you’re in a period of your life where you try to figure out whether to reject your faith in God or not? The way I see it God is not a matter of intellectual understanding, but experience through living. If there is a god (which I think there is) I don’t think he is only for the intelligent and intellectual people, but for anyone and everyone. Even those who can’t read any holy scripture or have the knowledge or brains to understand all kinds of circumstances, but simply accept him as Lord and live by it.

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