what does exist?

I don’t think you can start wanting something until you know it exists.
Can we not want anything? What is it that is driving intense need for things? For shit, essentially? Shit that we don’t need — just want. What is the problem with all of this? Why does it still make you feel so empty? It makes me think that there is something to “the others”. Those that live without wants because of their not knowing they exist. This must have been what it was like in the past, what it was like in the time when all people were seeking out was life fulfillment through finding food and having a family, wondering the earth for something more meaningful didn’t seem to concern them. It didn’t seem to make it to the top of their list of things to do for the day. We are all seeking out something, yearning for something. Love? Money? Success? Fame? Good grades? Or just the next meal for our table, the next glass of clean water for out glass. It has nothing to do with a spiritual world, and everything to do with a physical world. A world where perhaps, people should put their faith in each other, in things you can see and touch and feel and move and laugh with, cry with, hold and change. At some point, physical needs surpass other needs of a person. True, holistically, we need a balance, but at some point we have to give into what it is that our body truly desires. Are we all just wondering around like lost sheep in a pasture? Merely content with the grass that is given us? Satisfied with its constant taste, color and shape? Content with only that? One thing in a world of countless options? Why should we settle for one when we can have many. Why should we settle for many when we can have all. Why should we settle at all? Why not go on with what we have been given to use instead of wasting our time looking around for the next best thing, the better option. Maybe its because we don’t realize that it exists. Maybe we don’t really want options at all. Maybe we have just been told that we want options. Maybe we can be content with nature’s grass that has been given to us. Maybe it is there because it is all we need to live on — all that we need to survive. Why should we challenge it? Because we can? Or because we are made to. Don’t give up. Give up. I am finished.

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