Just for kicks.

From Harpers.org

Posted on Thursday, September 9, 2004. The following items were among those found in the last two years during California’s Coastal Cleanup Day, an annual event in which volunteers remove debris from the state’s shorelines. Since the program began in 1985, 8.5 million pounds of garbage have been removed. Originally from Harper’s Magazine, June 2004.

4-foot-long stuffed toy salmon
horse’s head
urinal drain
cat’s headstone stating “Your soul is safe now! The spirit is home. Rest in God’s Peace.”
baby bird in a jar
2 phone booths
styrofoam Tiki god
home pregnancy test
Barbie doll with a nail through its hand
pit bull chained to a tree
Scooby Doo underwear
10 dead leopard sharks
plastic eyeball
wooden duck
“Just Married” sign
half a bowling ball
Led Zeppelin album
preserved jalapeños
fuzzy dice
check written to Taco Bell for $8.78
Dracula teeth
foam foot advertising a fungus cream
half a turtle shell with leg attached
bird burial box stating “My beloved Chico is dead in this box. He died of old age.”
porcupine bones
divorce papers
dead goats in a bag

0 thoughts on “Just for kicks.

  1. my favorite is a toss-up between the pit bull tied to a tree and the half a bowling ball

  2. I think i’m inclined to like the barbie doll with a nail through its hand. it is so “L.A.”

  3. Awesome. You found my Led Zep album. If you could just mail that to me, that would be great…

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