there is something bigger

there is something bigger out there don’t you think? there is this almost looming feeling going around now that something might not be quite right. there there is something questioning and thinking and almost blooming. waiting for something specific to happen before it fully becomes what it is supposed to be.

is it a great mystery of just something that we’ve made into a mystery? i think we do understand it. i think we choose not to because it makes it more interesting — because we are all searching for something and if we didn’t have that search, then we would have nothing.

this search is part of life. it is part of looking for love and acceptance and peace. it is part of seeking truth in our lives and the lives of others. in the community we are a part of and live in. we are wonderers in this game. the game should be called “Sorry” but that name is already taken.

We are sleeping on the saviour. We sleep on it every day and night. It is just that we have to wake up to it — feel it — and it will accept us as we are.

0 thoughts on “there is something bigger

  1. Yeah, but if you meet the Buddha on the road, you’re supposed to punch him in the face. If we didn’t have the search, we’d probably have something else to distract ourselves with. And if we truly had nothing, well, we’d either go mad or we would be One with the Universe. Or something like that.

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