almost invisible

something is happening
things have suddenly changed
and then we lose something in
the awkwardness that is
the change. the third degree
runs around us as we walk along
the waterfront

and as you move to the
sound of the wind in the
trees i think about me
you us them and then
try and move a mountain
because you asked me to

you ask me to do a lot
of things and i always
reply with a yes because
i don’t mind doing the things
you ask of me because i like
to make you happy — happy

i’m making a mistake
and you are there to witness it
and don’t understand that it is
for you, it is always for you
leaving me to wonder if your
mad at me for doing it

i can make myself believe
almost anything and when
i try to tell my self that
isn’t true, i believe that

maybe i’ll just run away,
if only for a night.

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