Keep walking, there’s no place to go.

I’ve been reluctant to start this for a long time now. When I returned from L.A. this past winter, my friend Z and I were amazed to see how many people were now addicted to this little web page called Myspace. What is myspace, we would ask. We were reluctant to get into something that, to us, seemed not only to be amazingly impersonal, but also we are both out for true community to win over the newly created e-community. Blogs, for the longest time, I felt were the same story. A place for people to be heard, but not seen. To tell it like it is, even though if they were standing on street corner things might be different. A place where they can keep up with their friends, family and those afar, just by posting a single entry. I must admit, that this side of a blog does appeal to me. I think I could get used to not sending mass emails, and just posting a little something on here once in a while, when I’m overseas. But to get back to my point, I was discussing this with someone once this past month, when they said Hey did you know that Prof. H has a blog? I said, no. Of all the people to get a blog, he never crossed my mind. I was surprised and intrigued. I found out the address and I’m now a relentless reader of his post of wisdom, encouragement, peace and thoughtful reflections. He has in a sense, restored my faith in the blog by creating a space that isn’t about ranting, raving or merely discussing gossip with friends, but a space that is about thinking, challenging and addressing ideas and thoughts that are important not only to him, but to the community that he lives and works in. This is great, I thought. I check in to see if there is anything new almost daily, and if there isn’t, I continue to read anyway, refreshing whatever ideas he has presented. So, as I begin this blog, I’m not for sure if I will be able to keep such a rigorous routine of posting quality work or thoughts, but it is my proposed purpose to try. I will try not to rant on and on. Likewise, I will try not to rave on and on. Not to say that I won’t mention a good film or some piece of interesting news once in a while. And, once I moved back overseas I will probably update every now and then with something interesting about life there. Don’t get me wrong; I will never abandon email for this blog. I still value those long, rambling emails from friends near and far as well as the occasional real pen and paper letter that sometimes finds its way to my post box. Thanks to those who still buy stamps.

P.S. I don’t mean to diss the myspace community too much, I realize how important it has become to upcoming bands and the like. But honestly, walk down the hall and say hi to your friends.

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  1. You write so well, Jesse! The structure in your sentences -it’s easy to read and understand, but clever. I like it! 🙂 I visit different blogs every day, and since there wasn’t a new update on yours, I thought I’d read some of the oldest posts. And I found it interesting, because I found more of you in them. Sort of. You might not agree. Maybe the most intellectual and philosophic posts show more of who you are? I don’t know. But I’m a kind of person that likes to know what people do as well as just what they think. I guess a person is more than just either what they do or what they are thinking about. I guess that’s also why I find it easier to like people that are like open books, than really mysterious. 🙂 I’ll keep reading your blogs. Keep updating! 🙂

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